How do you know if you love someone or in love?

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How to tell if you are in love? Only one person can answer that question & that person is you, but I will tell how it feels like to be in love, from what I have experienced. First, he will make you smile by doing just the simplest things like, saying your name, seeing his smile, or just by by simply seeing him. Second, he will be the first thing on your mind when you wake up to when you close your eyes at night. Third, you will feel like your heart skips a beat when he touches your hand or kisses you. Fourth, he will drop everything if you ask him to, he will be your best friend & your lover at the same time & he won't care if you look horrible in the morning, he will still tell you, you look beautiful & mean it. And last but not least he will tell you he loves you almost everyday & he will treat you like your the only girl who matters, you are his queen. I hope I have helped you, & I hope this guy makes you feel everything I said here & more. :)
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How do you show you love someone and how do you know if they love you?

If it's true love then it says it all in the eyes. There is a warmth of security and light of honesty in those eyes. They may put their arm around your waist, hold your hand a

If you love someone how do you know if they love you?

It's visible in their eyes...the way they look at you...They'll treat you more special than others... They'll be protective of you... They'll find a reason to call you every d

How do you say no to someone you love but do not know if they love you?

You just do. Sometimes you have to say NO even to those you know for sure love you. Saying NO is part of being responsible, shows self-respect, shows that one has a mind of hi

If you you love someone how do you know that they love you too?

Does He/She Love Me? . If you substitute the word "caring" for love, you will reach a better understanding about relationships. For example you can ask yourself whether, if

If you love someone how do you know if they love you back?

As hard as it is, the simplest thing to do may be to ask them. However, keep in mind that it does not mean they will give an honest answer. Sometimes expressing ones love is a

If you love someone and do not know if she loves you back what do you do?

since you said she im assuming its a girl. im a girl so ill give you some tips 1) she will get kinda close to you when you stop talking 2) she will run to talk to you 3) she

How do you know that someone you love loves you too?

To be honest, it is a very touchy subject with anyone. Him/Her willpay a lot of focus onto you. Catching them staring, Touching you on"accident". Trying to make you laugh is a

How do you know whether you are in love with someone and he loves you?

Well this is a tricky one. I'm going to start with the easy... That is to say how you know if you are in love with him. A general tell as to if you are in love is if 80% of th
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How do you know if you love someone and if they love you?

If the mere sight of the person you think you're in love with causes you to have butterflies in your stomach or everything you do, you do so you can make that person happy or