How do you find out which version of Google Earth you have?

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Click on Help and then About Google Earth.
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What is the latest version of Google Earth?

The latest (non-beta) version of Google Earth is in Oct 2016. The previous stable version was 7.1.6 released in May 2016. The initial version was released

How do you find anything on Google Earth?

If you have an address, city name, or just latitude/longitude coordinates then you can fly to that location in Google Earth. Just enter the address or coordinates into the Sea

Where can you find penguins on Google Earth?

Sorry, but you can't find penguins on Google Earth. Reasons are that either the penguins are too small for the satellites to capture, or Google engineers erased them out while

How do you find shipwrecks in Google Earth?

In Layers panel of Google Earth under Ocean there is a Shipwrecks layer, which if checked will shows icons for shipwrecks around the world like the HMS Titanic with detail

How do you find a tornado in Google Earth?

While it's possible to photograph a tornado don't think one has been captured in Google Earth satellite or aerial imagery. What you can see is the near real-time weather overl

How do you download old versions of Google Earth?

The previous version of Google Earth (7.0) can be downloaded from the normal Google Earth download page by clicking ' Advanced setup '. This requires several mouse clicks.

Why is there no zoom in Google Earth Street View version 6?

In the redesign of Street View in Google Earth 6.0 the zoom capability found in the previous version was removed. A number of users have asked for this feature back so stay tu

What are the different versions of Google Earth?

Google Earth software is available in 5 types: . Google Earth free desktop client . Google Earth free mobile client . Google Earth web browser plugin (uses Google Earth A

Is there are any fees for Google Earth version?

The free version of Google Earth has no fees . It can be downloaded directly from Google's web site or iTunes app store for mobile device. Google does offer a professional v

How do I find Venus on Google Earth?

You can also see Venus, the other planets, and other galaxies in the Sky mode view. For example in Sky mode you can enter "Venus" in the search box to jump there. . Mars and