How did Catherine de Medici influence the food culture of France?

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Catherine de Medici was the queen of France in the sixteenth century. She ruled alongside her husband whose name was Henry. Henry didn't love Catherine but loved another lady who was thought to be the most beautiful in France. He paid her for sexual favors. Catherine de Medici brought Italian herbs and food to France, and French cooking was based on that.
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What is Catherine de' medici known for?

She is known for being the Queen of France. She became queen after her husband had to become king taking the place of his father. Making Catherine the new queen.

Where did Catherine de Medici live?

She was born in Florence in Italy and spent some of her childhood hidden in a convent. As the wife of a royal prince and later as the Queen of France, she and her suite were o

How long did Catherine de Medici rule France?

She never really ruled France in her own right. She was only the wife of the King of France. At first after her husband became King his matrise en titre Diane De Potier had mo

How was Catherine De Medici a politique?

Even though she was born an raised a catholic, after her husband (Henry II) died and her teenage sons took the throne, she put aside her religious views in order to help make

How was Catherine De Medici?

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