How can you attach a visa machine to run charges through your iPhone Like use the iPhone as a modem An original edition iPhone not a 3g?

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To refine that answer it's not possible to attach a credit card machine to a Iphone. There is a application for the Iphone where you can accept Credit Card payments. The application is called processaway, and you can accept credit cardsanywhere, anyplace, anytime on your internet connected iPhone. Never pass on a charge only opportunity or sale again!
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Do you like the iPhone 3g?

I love the iphone 3g. It has a bunch of cool stuff that you can do with it. Check out this site that has a few:

How do you charge the iPhone 3G when first get it?

It's quite simple really! First connect the phone to your PC via the supplied USB charger then navigate your way into the WINDOWS folder located in your main HDD or SSD where

Who was the first to use iphone 3G?

I am not 100% on this, but I would assume the first to use the final product would be either Steve Jobs or Jonathan Ive.

What to do when iPhone 3g wont charge?

You buy a new charger or sell the Iphone or smash it. Try the mysterious and legendary alcohol jump start. Just take some alcohol and swab or spray it on the connection

Does iPhone use 3G internet?

if you are using something that requires it then yes it does use internet

How do you charge an Apple iPhone 3GS?

With the USB charger supplied with the phone. Then use this either through a laptop or pc, or a USB mains adapter :) One end is a rectangle shape with a number of pins and t