Does the Nintendo WiFi usb connector work with the dsi?

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It only supports WPA 2 not WEP or others
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Can Xbox live connect with the Nintendo WiFi usb connector?

No it can not. The Nintendo wifi usb adapter sends a signal that only Nintendo products meant to connect to wifi (such as the DS and the Wii) can pick up. Xbox and other produ

Does Nintendo DS Lite usb WiFi connector work with WPA encryption?

no the Nintendo ds lite dose not work with WPA, Howeverthe new Nintendo dsi dose work with WPA and WPA2 but don't go out buying a Nintendo dsi, its no worth it only if you wan

Where is the Nintendo WiFi USB Connector?

You can get them from your local EB Games or Game store. I thought that was pretty overpriced though so I bought mine off Ebay for nearly half the price. There are also plenty