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In MLB, Ty Cobb of the 1912 Detroit Tigers with 8 steals of home. Cobb also holds the career MLB record for steals of home with 54.

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Q: Who has the most steals of home in a single season?
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Most base steals ever?

Single season - Hugh Nicol in 1887 with 138 Career - Rickey Henderson with 1406

Who holds the record for most career steals in acc basketball history?

Johnny Rhodes from Maryland (1992-96) with 344. He also has the ACC record for steals per game for his career (2.82), steals in a single season (110), and steals per game for a single season (3.7). See this 2012 ACC press release for reference:

Who was the player with the most career steals of home?

Ty Cobb with 54 career steals of home

How many home runs did Babe Ruth get in a single season?

The most home runs Babe Ruth hit in a single season was 60. He did this in 1927.

Who has the most postseason home runs in a single season?

Barry Bonds hit the most home runs in a single postseaon with 8 in 2002.

Which NBA player had the most steals in one season?

The current record for most steals in one NBA season is held by Alvin Robertson of the San Antonio Spurs who had 301 steals in the 1985-86 basketball season. Others have gotten close to this achievement, but Alvin still holds the record.

What Yankee has the most single season home runs in postseason?

Bernie Williams

Who holds the current most home runs a single season?

Barry Bonds

What college baseball team has the most home ruNs in a single season?


Most hr in a single postseason?

Barry Bonds hit the most postseason home runs in a single season with 8 in 2002.

What was the most home runs that mark mcguire hit in a single season?

Mark Mcgwire hit 70 home runs in 1998, the year he broke Roger Maris' single season home run record of 61.

What is the NBA record for most steals by a single team in an NBA game?

The record for most steals by a single team in an nba game is 27 by the Seattle Supersonics vs. the Toronto Raptors on January 15, 1997