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Q: What year did the first Michael Jordan shoes come out?
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What year did the first Michael Jordan shoes come out to the public?


What year did the first Air Jordan shoes come out?

The first piar of air jordens came out in 2000

How come Kobe isn't on team Jordan?

Because he doesn't wear Jordan Shoes.

When did Michael Jordan come out of retirement?


Where did Michael Jordan come from?

New York

What year did Michael Jordan come back from his first retirement?

Michael returned to the bulls in 1995. They did not won their next championship until 1996.

How did they come out with the ideas of the shoes Jordan's?

The logo is Michael Jordan's signature dunk during the 86-87 slam dunk contest. He jumped from the 15 foot line, spread his legs and arms and dunked the ball, just like the Jordan logo on the shoes. He often like floated in the "air" that's why shoes called air jordans and they innovate the design every year.

How come Michael Jordan was never on MTV cribs?

he was

When did Michael Jordan come back from retirement?


Why did Michael Jordan stop playing?

Michael Jordan stop playing because he wanted to try to achieve another sport which was baseball, but he did come back, but when he retired again it because he wanted to give the world something great other than his basketball skills, and that was his creations of his shoes.

What hardships did Michael Jordan have to over come?

his dad died

Why did Michael Jordan come back after he retired?

Micheal Jordan retired because his father was shot while a group of teenagers tried to rob him not noticing that he was Michael Jordan's dad