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he end his career at the 30 february 2011

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Q: What year did Michael Jordan end his career?
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What team did Michael Jordan end his career with?

The wizards

How many points did Michael Jordan have at the end of his career?

32,292 career points.

When did Michael Jordan's career end?

His career ended in 2011 on february 30th...

What year did Michael Jordan win rookie of the year?

Michael Jordan won Rookie of the year at the end of his rookie year in 1985.

What NBA team did Michael Jordan play for?

Chicago bulls, and washington wizards for a little bit at the end of his career.

What position did Michael Jordan play in the nba?

Michael Jordan played the shooting guard (2 guard) position. He was the best in his time, and will forever be the best at his position. Shooting guard - for the Chicago Bulls. and at the end of his career, for the Washington Wizards.

When did the Chicago Bulls retire Michael Jordans number?

It was rtired as a sign of respect in the end of the year when Michael Jordan retired from the Chicago Bulls.

What is the Value of a Michael Jordan North Carolina jersey?

Michael Jordans jersey isnt worth buying because she's not even good. The best bet is to buy a Kevin Durant jersey. By the end of kevin Durants career he have more than Michael Jordan will ever have. So go and get yourself a Kevin Durant jersey. :)

How old was Michael Jordan when he retired?

He was 40 years old when he retired. Michael Jordan was born February 17, 1963 and retired at the end of the 2002-2003 season.

How many titles did Michael Jordan win during his basketball career?

Michael Jordan won 3 straight NBA titles 2 times in his Career,

Who has more points Kobe or Michael Jordan at same age end of 2008 2009 season for Kobe?

2008-2009 Kobe Bryant #24: Age 30:2,896 points 1993-1994 Michael Jordan #23: Age 30: Retired So Kobe Bryant scored more points than Michael Jordan at age 30 because Michael Jordan was retired.

What is the difference between a period of rotation and a period of revolution?

Let's say Michael Jordan (Is he still playing ? I never know.) Let's say Michael Jordan is walking around the arena spinning a basketball on the end of his finger. 'Rotation' is what the ball is doing on the end of his finger. The Earth's period of rotation is 1 day. 'Revolution' is what the ball is doing around the arena at the same time. The Earth's period of revolution is 1 year.