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Top three: Honus Wagner (last appearance 1917), 3415 career hits Cal Ripken, Jr. (last appearance 2001), 3184 career hits Robin Yount (last appearance 1993), 3142 career hits

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Q: What shortstops have the most career hits?
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Who has the most hits in one career?

Pete Rose, of course. 4256 career hits.

Does Derek Jeter have the most career postseason hits?

Yes. Through the 2011 season, Derek Jeter has the most career postseason hits with 191.

Who has the most base hits in Major League Baseball history?

Switch-hitting Pete Rose, who played for 24 years, holds the Major League Baseball (MLB) record for most career hits with 4,256 career hits. The MLB active player with the most career hits is Derek Jeter, who, as of 2012, has played for 18 years, accumulating 3144 (and counting) career hits

Who has the most MLB carreer hits?

pete rose, 4,256 hits in his career

Who has the most base hits ever?

Pete Rose had 4,256 career hits.

Who has the most career hits as a Cardinal?

Stan Musial

Which pitcher had most career hits?

Greg Maddox

Is Nomar Garciaparra one of the top ten shortstops of all time?

He's not even in the top 20. He had a nice career , but is not one of the greats.

Who has the most hits in a Major League baseball career?

Pete Rose - 4,256 hits

What player has the most hits in the World Series?

Yogi Berra has the Most career World Series hits with 71.

Who has most career hits in the American League?

Ty cobb

Who has the most career hits vs padres?

Milwaukee Brewers