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1,143 times in his MLB career.

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Q: How many times did pete rose strike out?
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How many times has pete rose hit for the cycle?


How many hits did Pete Rose have?

Pete Rose ended his career with a record 4,256 hits.

How many singles did Pete Rose hit?

Pete Rose hit 3,215 singles during his career.

How many home runs did Pete Rose hit in 1968?

Pete Rose hit 10 home runs in 1968.

What actors and actresses appeared in Pete Rose Playing to Win - 2003?

The cast of Pete Rose Playing to Win - 2003 includes: Pete Rose as Pete Rose

How many pitchers did Pete rose get a hit on?


How many home runs did Pete Rose hit in 1970?

Pete Rose hit 15 home runs for the Cincinnati Reds in 1970.

Is Pete Rose dead or alive?

Pete rose if alive as of June 23 2010. Pete rose is 69 years old

What is the birth name of Pete Rose?

Pete Rose's birth name is Rose, Peter Edward.

What major league baseball player has been on base the most times?

Pete Rose

When was Pete Rose born?

Pete Rose was born on April 14, 1941.

What nicknames does Pete Rose go by?

Pete Rose goes by Charlie Hustle.