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Michael Jordan was a baseball player before he became a basketball player he played for more than 5 baseball teams look it up at or try even

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Q: How many baseball teams did Michael Jordan play for?
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How many pro sports teams has Michael Jordan played on?


How many teams does Michael Jordan own?

Every single team in the League.

How many rings did Michael Jordan win after baseball?


How many teams does Michael schumacher driven for?

3 - Jordan, Benetton and Ferrari 4 now including Mercedes

How many years did Michael Jordan play bASEBALL?

he played for 2 not incomplete seasons

How was Michael Jordan successful by playing baseball for the White Sox?

After winning three NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan surprised many people by retiring from basketball. He had always loved baseball as a youth. Fortunately, the owner of the Bulls also owned the Chicago White Sox MLB team. As a favor to Jordan, this owner brought Jordan into his baseball franchise. Jordan played on one of the White Sox's minor league teams. He did not do well enough to ever play in the major leagues, so he retired from baseball and rejoined the Chicago Bulls. His time in baseball was rather short.

How many kids does Michael Jordan have?

Michael Jordan has 3 kids

How many MVP awards does Michael Jordan have?

michael jordan has 12 MVP

How many sisters and brothers does Michael Jordan have?

Michael Jordan has 5 brothers and sisters.

How many championship Jordan won?

Michael Jordan has been a member of six NBA Championship teams and one NCAA Championship team. Michael Jordan's NCAA Championship: 1981-82 - University of North Carolina Michael Jordan's NBA Championships: 1990-91, 1991-92, 1992-93, 1995-96, 1996-97, 1997-98 - Chicago Bulls

Who invented zone defense in basketball?

Many basketballs teams just adapted to that style of play. I think it started around the Michael Jordan era.

How many MVP awards did Michael Jordan get?

Michael Jordan got 5 mvp awards