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You just have to keep playing games and slowly unlock them all.

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Q: How do you unlock all Jordan sneakers in nba 2k11?
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How do you get signature Air Jordan's on NBA2k11?

You Have To Unlock All The Jordan Sneakers

How can you unlock Michael Jordan on nba 2k11 for psp?

you may unlock Michael Jordan if the all-star players were put in Boston celtics

Who are the legends on nba 2k11 ps2?

There is a mode for Michael Jordan, it's called the Jordan Challenge and if you finish all challenges you unlock mj creating a legend mode.

How do you unlock creating a legend mode in nba 2k11?

You have to complete all of the Michael Jordan Challenges and get an achievement, or you can cheat and type in the code " icanbe23"

Is Michael Jordan playable in all modes for nba 2k11 or just the Jordan challenge?

Only the Jordan Chanllenge and exhibition matches.

Which stores sell the Jordan XI sneakers?

All kinds of stores like SneakerBaas and KicksOnCourt sell Jordan XI sneakers. One can also purchase Jordan XI sneakers from various websites like Amazon or eBay.

Can you get nba2k11 without Jordan?

I don't think so. NBA 2k11 has Michael Jordan on all consoles i believe.

Does PSP have the Jordan challenge on 2k11?

im pretty sure it does......I mean why have mj on the cover and not have all that Jordan challenges on it like the ps3 version

When does NBA 2k11 come out?

It comes out October 5th of 2010. Michael Jordan is going to be on it and all his challenges. It costs $59.65.

How do you get my air in nba 2k11?

all you have to do is keep choosing arrogance in confrences which will boost your wide popularity. eventually you will get a letter from jordan saying that he would like to work with you to make a new air jordan.

How do you unlock Jordans in nba 2k11?

you dnt unlock Jordan in 2k11 you have him when you start the game you have to go all the way to the back of the teams and it will say 95 89 bulls or something other than that u can go to game modes and go to Jordan challengehe was asking how to unlock the shoes, not Jordan himselfThis is from the developersWe're not going to send you on a wild chase where you have to go perform various tasks to get access to the shoes. We're simply going to reward you for playing the game. Every couple of hours of play, a new pair of shoes will be made available to you. You can be playing Quick Games, Association games, My Player, Online, whatever. Just play and the shoes will come.The shoes do not unlock in the same order for everyone, but rather in a weighted random order with respect to how scarce they are in the real world. For example, all of the shoes above with a '+2' bonus will likely unlock much sooner than the shoes with the higher bonuses. The higher end shoes will definitely give you a big advantage over the competition, particularly in My Player Pick-Up games. The real prize here is obviously the Air Jordan XI, with a number of the '+5' shoes hot on its heels. And remember, all you have to do to unlock these shoes is play the game!"

Are Jordan heels real?

there is a such thing as "Jordan Heels" but they heels you are seeing all over the internet were not manufactured by the Nike company and have nothing to do with the Jordan sneakers.. Its obvious just for the fact that there is no Nike swoosh on the actual high heel shoes.