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You can't trade him, it's just a challenge mode that he is in, so manly it's just for fun....i know it sucks doesn't it?

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Q: How do you trade Michael Jordan on 2k11 on ps2?
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Is Michael Jordan on NBA live on ps2?

No...he is on NBA 2k11.

Will NBA 2k11 Jordan challenge be on ps2?

I got the nba 2k11 for the ps2 last night and it doesn't include the Jordan challenge mode.

Who are the legends on nba 2k11 ps2?

There is a mode for Michael Jordan, it's called the Jordan Challenge and if you finish all challenges you unlock mj creating a legend mode.

Where is the Jordan challenge in the NBA 2k11?

There is a Jordan challenge but only on PS3 and Xbox 360 not PS2.

Can you update or swap the Bulls bench in Jordan mode on PS2 in NBA 2K11?

I don't think the Jordan challenge is on Ps2...only 360, Ps3, possibly wii and psp.

How do you get Michael Jordan in 2k10 ps2?

you type air Jordan

Will nba 2k11 have a your player mode?

yes it will it will have a my player mode onps3 xbox360 psp and other next gen consoles. but sadly not for ps2 it doesn't have the Jordan challenge on ps2 either.

How do you create Michael Jordan on nba2k games on ps2?

You have to beat him!

How do you unlock Michael Jordan in nba 2k9 ps2?


Will NBA 2K11 come out for ps2?

yes it is and MJ on the cover nba 2k11 for ps2 will be 29.99 coming out in 10/5/10

Will MLB 2K11 Work on PS2?

If you purchase the PS2 version of the game

What is the code to unlock Michael Jordan on nba 2k9 for the ps2?