Why was Michael Jordan so successful?

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2011-10-30 13:49:54

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because Michael Jordan is the best Basketball player

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2011-10-30 13:49:54
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Q: Why was Michael Jordan so successful?
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What makes michael jordan so successful?

Micheal Jordan became successful because he practiced. In an interview, Michael said that he would do around a thousand fee throws a day.

What was Michael Jordan's legacy?

it was to be successful in basketball for a lifetime which he is.

Was Michael Jordan born into a rich faamily?

Michale Jordan's father, James R. Jordan Sr. was in the army when Michale was growing up; so while they were not poor they were rich either. After retiring from the army James Jordan became a successful businessman; but by this time Michael was already an NBA star.

Is Michael Jordan as popular as he used to be?

Michael Jordan is not the phenom he once was, so in that sense, no.

Who is older Michael Jackson or Michael Jordan?

Michael Jackson was born in 1958, and Michael Jordan was born in 1963. So Michael Jackson was older than Michael Jordan. However, Michael Jordan is now older than Michael Jackson lived to be.

How was Michael Jordan successful at playing baseball?

Because he plays the sport. fankss bbz'xoxo

How long has Michael Jackson been dating Michael Jordan?

Michael Jackson wasn't gay, and so never dated Michael Jordan. Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009 I don't think Michael Jordan is gay either.

Was Michael Jordan successful at golf?

yes he is and he is good at basketball is originally was doing golf but now he does basketball

Who is taller Michael Jordan or Michael Jackson?

Michael Jordan.

Who is the best basketball player to ever play?

Tt is either Dwyane Wade or Michael Jordan or LeBron James

Who was Michael Jordan's dad?

Michael Jordan's father is James Jordan

How is Michael Jordan so good?

because he has talents

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