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The Yankees are better than the Red Sox because they're winners and the Red Sox are losers.

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Q: Why are the Yankees better than the Red Sox?
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Red Sox are better than Yankees?

No way. The Yankees are leaps and bounds better than the Red Sox. Not only do the Yankees have twenty more World Series wins but they, unlike the Red Sox, consist of talented, classy players.

Are Yankees or Red Sox better?


Who is better yankees or Red Sox?

Statistically speaking, the Red Sox is a better team than The Yankees. This is because they have won 14 more games than the Yankees. However, people will having varying opinions when it comes to who is a better team.

How many world searies has the Red Sox played in?

The red sox rock They are better Than the Yankees They were in 100

Why are the Red Sox better then the Yankees?

They aren't The Yankees have more championship titles as they have 27. Red Sox have only 7

Are the Red Sox better than the yankees?

No they both are equally terrible teams. I hope this helped.

Who is better the New York Yankees or the Boston Red Sox?

The Yankees are way better than the Red Sox. The Yankees have the record for most World Series wins. Their my favorite! Go New York Yankees! You can take Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford we will still end out on top.

Who has better players the Yankees or the Red Sox?

The Yankees have more players going to the Hall of Fame.

Who is a better team New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox?

New York Yankees!!

Who is better Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees?

Yankees because they won more World Series Championships. Yankees have 27 Red sox only have won 7.

Are the Red Sox more famous than the Yankees?


Are the Red Sox better than the mets?

no sox suck Red sox are way better than mets mets suck -------

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