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1. Joe McCarthy, Cubs and Yankees

2. Al Dark, Giants and A's

3. Yogi Berra, Yankees and Mets

4. Dick Williams, Red Sox and Padres

5. Sparky Anderson, Reds and Tigers

6. Tony LaRussa, A's and Cardinals

7. Jim Leyland, Marlins and Tigers

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And Dusty Baker - Giants in 2002 and Houston in 2021
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Q: Who were the seven managers to win pennants in both leagues?
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Who has won MLB mvp award in both leagues?

Frank Robinson won the MVP Award in both the National, and American League.

Who since 1900 is the only player to have led both leagues in home runs?

Mark McGwire led the American League with the 1987 Oakland Athletics and the National League with the 1998 and 1999 St. Louis Cardinals.

Why is there an American League and a National League in baseball?

The first professional baseball organization was formed in 1876 as a sports business. The people who formed this organization called it the National League. In 1901 another baseball organization was formed and called themselves the American League. Soon after the two leagues recognized each other as legitimate professional baseball organizations and created what we now refer to as major league baseball. They agreed to the same rules of play and also to hold a end of the season championship called the World Series. Much later on changes were made to the American League. As example the American League instituted the designated hitter "rule". In 1977 both leagues agreed to inter league play. Other changes such as the height of the pitcher's mound were agreed to by both leagues.

Which manager has won World Series in both leagues?

As of the 2011 World Series: 1) Sparky Anderson - 1975 and 1976 Cincinnati Reds, 1984 Detroit Tigers 2) Tony LaRussa - 1989 Oakland Athletics, 2006 and 2011 St. Louis Cardinals

Who has the most golden glove awards as a shortstop?

Luis Aparicio and Omar Vizquel are tied for most Gold Gloves in the American League with 9 Vizquel has 11 total(counting both leagues). Ozzie Smith has the most Gold Gloves all time in the National League as well as MLB for a SS with 13 .

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