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Cy Young.

Young, of the Boston Americans, threw a perfect game against the Philadelphia Athletics on May 5, 1904 winning 3-0.

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Q: Who was the first American League pitcher to throw a perfect game?
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First black man to play major league?

Moses Fleetwood "Fleet" Walker (October 7, 1857 - May 11, 1924) was an American Major League Baseball player and author who is credited with being the first African American to play at the Major League level.

Why is there an American League and a National League in baseball?

The first professional baseball organization was formed in 1876 as a sports business. The people who formed this organization called it the National League. In 1901 another baseball organization was formed and called themselves the American League. Soon after the two leagues recognized each other as legitimate professional baseball organizations and created what we now refer to as major league baseball. They agreed to the same rules of play and also to hold a end of the season championship called the World Series. Much later on changes were made to the American League. As example the American League instituted the designated hitter "rule". In 1977 both leagues agreed to inter league play. Other changes such as the height of the pitcher's mound were agreed to by both leagues.

Who is Frank Robinson?

frank Robinson was the only baseball player ti win most valuable player awards in each major leagu, the first African American player to manage a baseball team in each major league, and the first to be named manager of the year in the national as well as the American league

Who was the first African American professional baseball player?

Bud Fowler became the first African American to play as a professional baseball player, but not the major leagues. Despite many believing Jackie4 Robinson was the first black to play major league baseball, it was actually a man named Moses Fleetwood Walker who was first. Jackie Robinson was the first in the modern era of MLB.

Who was the first wild card team to win a world series?

The 1997 Florida Marlins were the 1st wild card team from the National League to win the World Series. The 2002 California Angels were the 1st wild card series winner from the American League.

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Who was the first African American pitcher?

Dan Bankhead was the first African-American pitcher to play in a major league game.

Who was the first african american pitcher in the american league?

Satchel Paige for the Cleveland Indians in 1948.

What pitcher won the first playoff game in baseball's American League?

The answer is "Gene Bearden."

Who was the first African American to pitch in the major league?

In 1947, Dan Bankhead became the first African American pitcher in Major League Baseball under the Brooklyn Dodgers.

First relief pitcher to win Cy Young American league?

Sparky Lyle of the New York Yankees in 1977.

Who was the first pitcher to throw a curveball?

sandy kofaux was the first to perfect the curveball

Who was the first White Sox pitcher?

1901 - Frank Dupee defeated Cleveland, 8-2, in the first "official" American League game on April 22.

Who was the first black pitcher in Major League Baseball?

Leroy "Satchel" Paige-Anonymous Actually the first black pitcher in the major leagues was Dan Bankhead, for the Brooklyn dodgers in 1947 and in that same game he became the first black to hit a home run in his first major league game at bat.... Satchel Paige was the first black pitcher in the American Leagues and he did not pitch untl 1948

Who pitched the first perfect Major League Baseball game?

The first Major League perfect game was pitched by Lee Richmond on June 12, 1880.

Who was the first pitcher to have a perfect game?

bobby Larry of the Kingston cows.

Who was the First African American pitcher to win 20 games in Major League Baseball?

Don Newcombe of the Brooklyn Dodgers with 20 wins in 1951.

Who was the first American gymnast to score a perfect 10?

The first AMERICAN gymnast to score a perfect '10' was Mitch Gaylord in 1984

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