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Pete Rose

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Q: Which baseball player has played 500 games at 5 different positions?
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What player played the most positions in a single season in major league baseball?

joe morgan

What is Brandon Inge famous for?

Brandon Inge is a professional baseball player in the United States. He is mostly a third basemen but has played many different positions. He used to play for the Detroit Tigers and the Oakland A's.

In fantasy baseball what does U mean in the player positions?


What is the most positions played by a single player in a MLB game?


Who is the only baseball player to play every position in a game?

Actually, four different players (Bert Campaneris, Cesar Tovar, Scott Sheldon, and Shane Halter) have played all nine positions in the same Major League game. Campaneris also pitched both right-handed and left-handed in the game in which he played all nine positions.

What active professional baseball player has played for the most teams?

Kenny lofton i think. he's played for 11 different teams

What major league baseball player has played in the most ballparks?

Jamie Moyer in 50 different parks!

Who is the best utility player in the Major League Baseball?

Probably Omar Infante because of his ability to bat and the many different positions he can play such as 3rd,2nd, and in the outfield.

What positions did baseball player Babe Ruth play for the Boston Red Sox?

Will a supervisor please delete my question on Babe Ruth and the positions he played on the Boston Red Sox. I did not see that in relevant answers that the question was already answered. I apologize.

Who was the last person to play all nine positions on a baseball field in one college baseball game?

The last person to accomplish this was in the year 2008, as a Florida State player played every position in a single game.

Who was the last baseball player to play all 9 positions in the same game?

Mickey Stanley

What actor played the baseball player in the movie for the yankee?

The actor that played the baseball player in the movie for the Yankees was Lou Gehrig.

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