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In 2006

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2012-10-21 22:04:04
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Q: When did Michael Jordan retire from basketball the second time?
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Why did Michael Jordan retire the second time?

Michael Jordan retired for the second time because he had a small penis

What year did Michael Jordan retire in the second time?


What did Michael Jordan do after retiring for the second time?

Play Basketball

When did Michael Jordan retire for the second time?

Michel Jordan retired for the second time , first from the Chicago Bulls and the second time from the Washington Wizards in 1997.

Was Michael Jordan the second child?

No,Jordan is the fourth of five

What is Michael Jordan seriously famous for?

Michael Jordan is a famous African American basketball player for the Chicago Bulls. He is also very famous for his dunk. He is even famous for his play versus the Cavs and his point in the last second of the game.

What was Michael Jordan's second number?


What was Michael Jordan's second job?


How is Michael Jordan inspiring?

He is inspiring by being the best Basketball player in the world. And he showed us not to quit Basketball, like how he quit basketball and showed up again. But he quit the second time because maybe of his age.

What year did Michael Jordan officially retire?

Michael Jordan is considered to be one of the best athletes in the sport of basketball. He retired three times from the sport. At the start of the 1993/94 season he retired to play baseball. He returned to the Chicago Bulls in 1995 and played until he retired a second time in 1999. He returned and joined the Washington Wizards in 2001 until he retired a third time in 2003.

Who is the best basketball player?

Mostly niggaaz on there perriod, cuz they biitchey

What is the name of a basketball team that is owned by Michael Jordan?

It's not entirly owned by him, but it's the Charlotte Bobcats. He's the second largest shareholder after Bob Johnson.

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