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Pro Basketball and minor league Baseball..Golf for fun!

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2012-03-14 10:22:14
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Q: What were all the sports Michael Jordan played?
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How old was Michael Jordan when he started playing sports?

Michael Jordan played sports all his life but in his sophmore year he tried out for his highschools basketball team but did not make it.

What is the names of the athletes who played at least 3 sports?

Michael Jordan is all I know. Famous anyways.

WHICH TEAM holds the record for most titles in all sports?

Michael Jordan

Who is the richest sports man of all time?

Formula One driver Michael Schumacher Michael Jordan

Who is best sport player in the world?

Basketball: Michael Jordan Football: Troy Akmin Hockey: Wayne Gretzky Baseball: Josh Hamilton Soccer: Pele All Sports: Michael Jordan, without a doubt

How many NBA finals did Michael Jordan play in and what years were they?

Michael Jordan played in 6 finals and won all 6 of them.

Did Kobe play in the NBA with Michael Jordan?

Kobe Bryant has played against Michael Jordan numerous times in the NBA all-stars, Bryant on the Lakers, Jordan on the Bulls.

What dates did Michael Jordan hit 3 home runs?

Michael Jordan only hit three Hr's all season when he played in the minors.

Where can one purchase Michael Jordan cards?

One can purchase Michael Jordan cards through many online sites such as Comc, Sports buy, Amazon, and many more. The Michael Jordan gift cards are available at all different prices on these websites.

Who the best basketball player of all time?

Michael Jordan

How many sports icons are human?

All sports icons are human. Many have passed away while others are very much alive like Michael Jordan.

Who are the best sports player of all times doesnt matter what sport?

Muhammad Ali Michael Jordan Tiger Woods Pele

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