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Cincinnati Reds was the first Baseball team..

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2009-08-10 15:26:41
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Q: What was the full name of the first team to play baseball?
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What was the full name of the first team organized to play baseball?

The first organized baseball team was the New York Knickerbockers. This amateur team formed as a social club in 1845 and played in the first recorded game in 1846.

What is the name of the first woman to play major league baseball?

the answer is Jackie but i don't know what her first name is sorry:(

Name the first african-american to play in the baseball major leagues?

Jackie robinson

What is a full play in baseball?

There is no such phrase in baseball as "full play." The closest I can think of would be a "Triple Play" where two runners are on and the batter hits the ball and both runners and the batter are put out on the same play.

What is Jackie Robinsons full name?

Jackie Robinson was born on January 31, 1919 as Jack Roosevelt Robinson. He was the first African American to play in the major leagues of baseball.

Who was the first man to play baseball?

I think you mean who were the first 18 men to play baseball.

What is the name of the first african american to play major league baseball?

Moses Fleetwood Walker

What was full name of PnP?

Plug and Play

Who was the first dentist to play baseball?

You either play baseball or be a dentist. You don't do both

Why do you need baseball socks to play baseball?

everyone has to wear full uniform in most leagues.

Why was Jackie Robinson Famous?

he was the first black to play major league baseball. first African American to play baseball in the major leagues. He was also first black to play with whites

How does a baseball same to the game baseball?

You use a baseball to play the game baseball. If you really look at the name you see the first part of the word is base. In the game of baseball you run the bases every time you get a hit.

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