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2009-05-25 05:30:52
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Q: What was Michael Jordans life like as an adult?
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Michael Jordan's adult life is what?

Is more then he ever imagined it would be like

How much do filet mignon cost at Michael jordans restaurants?

too much! like $29

Did Michael jordans mom used to put him in front of a tv and turn on a game?

no because she didnt want him to be like his dad

What was Michael Jackson's adult life like?

Michael Jackson had a really successful adult life but he just felt alone and wanted to be loved that's why he performed, not for the money or fame. the tabloids didn't help either making rumours and stories up and people actually believe them!

How was Anne Frank's adult life like?

She had no adult life. She died when she was 15!

What did George Washington adult life like?

i guess he had an excellent adult life

What was Beyonce's adult life like?

it was exciting in her life

What was Mae Jemison life like as an adult?

does it have to be that hard to find Mae jemisons adult life

What does Lauren like to eat?


Does Michael Jordan own Jordans or does Nike?

That's easy...Micheal Jordan does...he went to nike asking for a shoe line and made his own...therefore he owns it. _________________________________________________________ no Nike owns Jordans its like a FOrd Mustang, or better yet Lincoln you never see ford(nike) on the car(shoe) but it owns Lincoln(Jordans)

What was Saint Michael's life like?

St. Michael is an archangel and never lived the life of a human.

What means for Michael Jackson the lyrics of childhood song?

Michael was talking about the childhood he's lost, and how people don't understand why he acts like a child in his adult life. And if you understand Michael's story, you'll find it very sad, but really true.

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