What shoes were named after Michael Jordan?

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Michael Jordan has his own brand. There are some 100's of shoes, clothing, and accessories that were named after the great Michael Jordan.

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Q: What shoes were named after Michael Jordan?
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Who is the designer of air Jordans?

Michael Jordan air Jordan shoes was released by Nike company,and named after Michael Jordan.

Why were shoes named after Michael Jordan?

Because his nickname was Air Jordan and it sounds good for a shoe name.

When were Jordan shoes invented?

Michael jordan shoes was invented in 1986

Does Michael Jordan make Jordan shoes?


Shoe brands starting with j?

One shoe brand that starts with the letter 'j' is Jordan's. These name brand shoes are athletic shoes named after Michael Jordan.

Which sell more Kobe shoes or Michael Jordans shoes?

Michael Jordan Shoes.

Does Michael Jordan buy his Jordan shoes or does nike give them tohim?

Michael Jordan does not need to buy his own Jordan shoes. As the face of the Air Jordan brand under Nike, he receives complimentary pairs of Jordan shoes as part of his endorsement deal with the company. This is a common practice in the industry where athletes who are signed to sports apparel and footwear companies are often given free products as part of their endorsement agreements. In addition to receiving free shoes, Michael Jordan also earns royalties on every pair of Air Jordan shoes sold, which has made him one of the wealthiest retired athletes in the world.

Do you people like Michael Jordan shoes?

Yeah, Michael Jordan shoes are the best. Once I borrowed my friends shoes and I played way worse than usually because I wasn't wearing Michael Jordan shoes

Where can one purchase Michael Jordan heels?

Michael Jordan is mainly known for his skills on the basketball court but there is also a line of shoes named after him. One could find Michael Jordan heels from the Michael Jordan online store or from other local department stores.

Who founded Jordan shoes?

nike and michael jordan

Do Michael Jordan have to buy Jordan shoes?


Who made Jordans shoes?

Michael Jordan..

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