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There are several different 'Rare Air' books. I have three completely different copies ranging from $15-$500. The rarest, and by far the most valuable is the 'Rare Air' black, hardcover first edition. The most common is the white, paperback edition. I own a copy of the original limited print black book that I purchased in Chicago when the book was originally released. The original, first edition black copy was only available in Chicago, IL at Nike Town and Michael Jordan's restaurant. These were only available for a very short time and sold out within days of being released. The first edition, black hardcover is limited edition but does not say 'Limited Edition' at the bottom of the cover. The first edition black book has silver writing on the black linen hardcover, reading: "Rare Air", and the bottom is blank. Other than the bottom of the cover being blank, the only other difference is that there is no dust jacket on the book. My copy was originally purchased for around $100 when it was first released, but this book is now worth anywhere from $250-$500 depending on the condition. I have never found a copy of the original black book on-line and the price may have increased from what I've been offered by private collectors. The later editions of the black, hardcover copy are usually around $150-$195 and are identical, except they say "Rare Air" in silver at the top of the cover, and "Limited Edition" at the bottom of the cover. The fact that the bottom reads "Limited Edition" and the book has a dust jacket are the only differences between this book and the ultra rare first edition. Had I not purchased one of these on-line I would never had known there were multiple editions available. I paid $150 on There are also white, paperback copies. These white, paperback copies are excellent collector items and they are much more affordable. I have two white editions. These can be found in wide supply on-line for $15-$50 depending on edition and condition. - MJ Aficianado

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2009-06-09 01:59:30
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Q: What is the value of the Michael Jordan rare air book?
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