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The Philadelphia Phillies Scored 23 Run In A Loss To The Cubs. (26-23).

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2008-07-05 22:04:13
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Q: What is the most runs scored in a loss by a major league baseball team?
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Whats the worst Major League Baseball loss record?

Tigers blow a 13-6 lead and end up losing 14-13 to the A's.

How did major league baseball teams reach the world series before 1968?

The team that had the best won/loss record among all teams in each league won their respective pennant and advanced to the World Series.

What is the major league loss record?

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In baseball which player holds the major league lifetime record for pitching wins?

Cy Young (active from 1890-1911) had a career won loss record of 511-316. Both his win total and loss total are MLB career records.

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What is the record for most wins without a loss in major lrague baseball?


When was lincecum debuted?

Tim Lincecum's major league debut was on Sunday, May 6, 2007, in a nationally telecast baseball game against the Philadelphia Philles. He wound up with a no decision in the Giants' 8-5 loss.

What divisions play against each other in the Major League Baseball playoffs?

The team with the best won-loss record plays the wild card team, leaving the other two division winners to play each other.

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RHP Pitcher Ferguson Arthur Jenkins (a.k.a. "Fly") debuted in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the Philadelphia Phillies on September 10, 1965 and ended his 19-year career on September 26, 1983, with a career Win-Loss record of 284-226 in 664 games (594 Games Started, 267 Completed Games), and a career ERA of 3.34.

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Which teams have had the fewest losses in the Major League Baseball playoffs?

There have been two teams with 1 loss in the MLB playoffs, 11-1 records, no team has had a perfect record in the MLB playoff era. (2005) White Sox (1999) Yankees

What major league baseball team came in last in 2008?

The MLB team with the worst won-loss record in the 2008 season was the Washington Nationals at 59-102. The Seattle Mariners were 61-101 and the San Diego Padres were 63-99.

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