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Q: Is Michael Jordan's jersey number retired?
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Who retired number 23 with the Miami Heat?

It was retired in honor of Jordan. That's why Michaels Jordans Jersey hangs in there arena

What was Michael jordans olympic jersey number in 1984?

He was number 9. He was always 9 in the Olympics

When did the Chicago Bulls retire Michael Jordans number?

It was rtired as a sign of respect in the end of the year when Michael Jordan retired from the Chicago Bulls.

What is Michael jordans basketball jersey number?

He wore the numbers 23 primarily, 9 for USA in Olympics, 45 and 12.

Who is number 23 of the Chicago bulls?

Michael Jordan was.currently nobody.that jersey is retired and always will be.

Michael Jordans signature number?

Michael Jordan's signature number is 23.

Is Jackie Robinsons jersey number retired from all of baseball?

Yes. They have retired the jersey number of Jackie Robinson.

Why lebron James change his jersey number to number 6?

He wanted Michael Jordan's number (which is 23) to be retired throughout the entire NBA

What was Michael Jordans jersey number?

23Michael Jordan wore #23 for most of his NBA career. He wore #45hen playing Minor League Baseball. When he returned to the NBA, he briefly wore #45 as his#23ad been retired. He returned to his #23 month later.

When Dan Marino's jersey number 13 was retired by the Dolphins in 2000 what was the only jersey number previously retired by the team?


Where is Wayne Gretzky's jersey retired?

the number "99" is retired in the NHL. the number "99" is retired in the NHL.

Who wore the jersey number 21 for Pittsburgh penguins this year?

No one can wear 21 because it was retired for Michael Briere

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