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Q: How much is a 1991 Michael Jordan collectors plate with authenticity worth?
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What is the value of a Michael Jordan collectors plate?

1991 championship michael jordon collector plate

Value of Michael Jordan Plate 1997 Upper Deck?


How do you find the value of the Annie Collector's Plate Series?

AnnIe collectors plate

How much is an Elvis Presley love you tender collectors plate?

plate hawaiian treasures forever the king

How much is a Norman Rockwell plate?

depending on the model and authenticity of the plate they range anywhere from 40 to 250 dollars a piece

How much is a magic Johnson collectors plate?

£60000000000 or $50000000000000 or €999999999

Is there a mickey mantle 1956 World Series plate?

Bradford Exchange 1956 WS Mickey Mantle PlateYes there was a Collectors plate issued by the Bradford Exchange. The plate was part of a series called "The Mickey Mantle Collection". The six plate set was released in 1996, and came with a certificate of authenticity. The plates include:Bronx Bomber"500 Home Run1956 World Series1961 Home Run ChaseThe Oklahoma KidTriple Crown Season

What is the value of an autographed Gordie Howe collectors plate?

gordie howe 9 "power play". autographed plate #742.

What is the value of Royal Doulton Collectors International LeRoy Neiman's Plate Winning Colors?

Value of Winning colors Plate #1000

How much is the Michael Jordan record 72 wins April 21 1996 Return to Greatness 8 inch plate worth?

In perfect condition, it would retail approximately $40.00

Find the value of your collector plates?

value- Symphony In Black collectors plate by ERTE

How can you tell if a collectors plate is a fake?

Yes you can by looking at the design. If it looks fake it probably is.

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