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Q: How many times has Michael Jordan won defensive player of the year?
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How many times has Michael Jordan won a NBA Championship as a player?

Michael Jordan won 6 championships as a player for the Chicago Bulls.

Who is the most renowned basketball player of all times?

Michael Jordan

Who would win in one on one Larry Bird Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan would win because he was the best player to ever play in the NBA. And Larry Bird has been picked 3 times for the best player three times. Michael Jordan has been it 5 times

Who most renowned player of all times in basketball?

wilt chamberlain or Michael Jordan

Which basketball player on October 6 1993 had retired for first of three times?

Michael Jordan

Which competition did Michael Jordan won?

He has won NBA's Most Valuable Player 5 times

Who is the most renowned player of all times in basketball number 23 in the Chicago Bulls?

Michael Jordan

What are some highlights of Michael Jordan's basketball career?

Some of the highlight of the former Chicago Bulls basketball player Michael Jordan are that he was voted most valuable player five times, and led his team to two three World Championships.

What was Michael Jordan setbacks?

michael jordan was setback a few times, height, not making varsity team, etc.

How many times did Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant play each other?

Kobe Bryant played Michael Jordan 8 times. Four when Jordan was a bull, four as a wizard

Has anyone won the scoring title and a NBA championship in the same year?

michael Jordan did Michael Jordan did it 5 times

How many times did Michael Jordan lead the bulls to victory?

Michael Jordan led the bulls to the NBA championships six times. From 1991 to 1993 and 1996 to 1998.

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