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That is a tough question to answer because of variables that would limit how many innings the pitcher could pitch, such as pitch counts and how good the pitcher was pitching and, in the National League, whether the pitcher is coming up to bat in an inning and the manager decides to pinch hit for him.

MLB starting pitchers pitch every 5 games which means they would pitch no more than two games in one week. The most innings pitched in MLB in 2010 was 250 2/3 by Roy Halladay in 33 starts. This averages out to 7 3/5 innings per gsme and 15 1/5 innings every two games.

So, the pitcher that pitched the most innings in MLB in 2010 averaged between 15 and 15 1/3 innings per week.

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Q: How many innings can a major league pitcher pitch in a week?
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How many games per season does a pro pitcher pitch?

That would depend on whether the pitcher is a starter or reliever. A starting pitcher generally pitches 1 game every 5 days because they pitch a lot of innings each game. Over an MLB season this would mean the #1 starter on a team, over the course of a season where they did not miss a start, would pitch 33-35 games per season. The #1 might get an extra start or two in a season in situations where the team had a day off and the manager decided to go with the #1 starter in a game as opposed to the #5 starter since the #1 had his required number of days of rest. Two of the best starting pitchers in MLB in 2010, Roy Halladay and C.C. Sabathia, pitched in 33 and 34 games, respectively. A relief pitcher, especially a closer or pitcher that is brought to pitch to only one batter, could pitch in many more games than a starting pitcher because they don't pitch as many innings as a starting pitcher. Two of the best closers in MLB in 2010, Brian Wilson and Rafael Soriano, pitched in 70 and 64 games, respectively. Generally, they pitched only one inning per game. Two of the best situation pitchers in MLB in 2010, Pedro Feliciano and Randy Choate, pitched in 92 and 85 games, respectively. Feliciano pitched in 62 2/3 innings and Choate pitched in 44 2/3 innings. In many games these guys, both left handers, were brought in to face only one or two hitters who were left handed.

Who was Bull Durham?

Edward Fant Durham (aka Bull Durham) was born on Saturday, August 17, 1907, in Chester, South Carolina. He was 5' 11" tall and weighed 170 lbs. He batted left handed and threw right handed. He was 21 years old when he broke into the major leagues on April 19, 1929, with the Boston Red Sox. In his debut game the Red Sox were playing against the NY Yankees, and Durham was sent in to pitch for the first time. It was late innings and the bases were loaded with 2 outs, and he faced Babe Ruth at bat. Ruth fouled out, and that was the beginning of Bull Durhams professional career. Durham played four years for the Boston Red Sox from 1929 to 1932, and then he went to the Chicago White Sox in 1933 for his last year as a pitcher in the major league. He retired with shoulder problems at the end of his fifth and final season. After he retired from major league baseball he then returned back to Blackstock, South Carolina where he owned and operated a Shell gas station and country store. He loved the outdoors where he spent his time hunting and fishing. He was married to Ellen Brice Kennedy for over 40 years, and he had one son. He died on April 27, 1976. When people hear the name "Bull Durham" they think about the movie starring Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon. In reality, Bull Durham was a real person, and he played major league baseball as a first string pitcher during the Depression era.

What is the max pitch speed in little league World Series?

Their fastballs are around 70mph, the equivalent to 90mph in MLB. ESPN shows the conversion to MLB since they pitch from 60'6" and Little League is only at 46'. Whatever it is, I'd be pressed to hit it.

Did Andy Hawkins pitch a no hitter?

Yes, but it is not considered an 'official' no hitter. Hawkins was with the New York Yankees when he pitched a no hitter against the Chicago White Sox in Chicago on July 1, 1990. Going into the bottom of the 8th inning, the score was 0-0. Incredibly, after he retired the first two batters, three errors and two walks allowed four runs to score and the Yankees wound up losing 4-0. At the time Hawkins was credited with a no hitter as he had pitched a complete game although his complete game was only 8 innings. The following season, the definition for a no hitter was changed to require a pitcher to pitch at least a 9 inning complete game to be credited with a no hitter. Since Hawkins' complete game was only 8 innings, he lost credit for the no hitter.

What is the major league record for reaching base on consecutive at bats?

The all time MLB record is 17 consecutive plate appearances reaching base by Frank Ward in 1893. Ward got 8 hits, 8 walks, and hit by a pitch once. The modern day MLB record is held by Hall of Famer Ted Williams who reached base in 16 consecutive plate appearances in 1957. He got six hits, was walked 9 times, and hit by a pitch once.

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How many innings must a starting pitcher in the mlb all star game pitch?

There is no limit in regards to how many innings a Starting Pitcher must pitch in the Major League Baseball All Star game, a team can be winning and the Starting Pitcher could pitch only 2 innings but because All Star games have different rules, they can be given the Win.

How many innings must a starting pitcher pitch to win a 9 inning game?

In a Major League Baseball game, Starting Pitchers can pitch as many innings as needed, it is up to the discretion of his Manager however Starting Pitchers must pitch 5 innings in order to qualify for a win.

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In MLB, there is no rule about the number of consecutive innings a pitcher can pitch.

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The last MLB pitcher to pitch at least 162 innings (must pitch 162 innings to qualify to win the ERA title) and have an ERA under 2.00 was Roger Clemens who had a 1.87 ERA for the Houston Astros in 2005. Prior to that, Pedro Martinez had a 1.74 ERA for the Boston Red Sox in 2000.

How many innings must a starting pitcher pitch to get a win in college baseball?

He must pitch a minimum of 5 complete innings.

Is there any limit on how many pitches a major league pitcher can pitch in a week?


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10 innings in 3 days

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