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That would depend on whether the pitcher is a starter or reliever.

A starting pitcher generally pitches 1 game every 5 days because they pitch a lot of innings each game. Over an MLB season this would mean the #1 starter on a team, over the course of a season where they did not miss a start, would pitch 33-35 games per season. The #1 might get an extra start or two in a season in situations where the team had a day off and the manager decided to go with the #1 starter in a game as opposed to the #5 starter since the #1 had his required number of days of rest. Two of the best starting pitchers in MLB in 2010, Roy Halladay and C.C. Sabathia, pitched in 33 and 34 games, respectively.

A relief pitcher, especially a closer or pitcher that is brought to pitch to only one batter, could pitch in many more games than a starting pitcher because they don't pitch as many innings as a starting pitcher. Two of the best closers in MLB in 2010, Brian Wilson and Rafael Soriano, pitched in 70 and 64 games, respectively. Generally, they pitched only one inning per game.

Two of the best situation pitchers in MLB in 2010, Pedro Feliciano and Randy Choate, pitched in 92 and 85 games, respectively. Feliciano pitched in 62 2/3 innings and Choate pitched in 44 2/3 innings. In many games these guys, both left handers, were brought in to face only one or two hitters who were left handed.

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Q: How many games per season does a pro pitcher pitch?
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How many innings can a major league pitcher pitch in a week?

That is a tough question to answer because of variables that would limit how many innings the pitcher could pitch, such as pitch counts and how good the pitcher was pitching and, in the National League, whether the pitcher is coming up to bat in an inning and the manager decides to pinch hit for him. MLB starting pitchers pitch every 5 games which means they would pitch no more than two games in one week. The most innings pitched in MLB in 2010 was 250 2/3 by Roy Halladay in 33 starts. This averages out to 7 3/5 innings per gsme and 15 1/5 innings every two games. So, the pitcher that pitched the most innings in MLB in 2010 averaged between 15 and 15 1/3 innings per week.

How many games have the Red Sox won this season?

The Red Sox won 95 games and lost 67 in 2009.

How many games did Cy Young pitch?

Cy Young pitched in 906 games in his 22 year career (1890-1911). He started 815 of those games and pitched 749 complete games and 76 shutouts.

Baseball has 162 games in the regular season in how many days?

Using the 2008 Chicago Cubs as an example, they played their first regular season game on March 31 and are scheduled to play their final regular season game on September 28. That is a span of 182 days.

How many career dunks did Michael Jordan make?

Between 1984 and 1996, Michael Jordan made 2,186 dunks during the regular season and he dunked 448 times during playoffs. These numbers don't include, however, pre-season games, All Star games, dunk contests, and any slam dunks he made prior to his career in the NBA.

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What is the rule on how many games any pitcher can pitch in a season?

as many games as he can per rotationType your answer here...

How many games does a starting pitcher rest?

MLB teams have a five man starting rotation. That means the starting pitcher will pitch a game and not pitch for the next four games.

Can a mlb pitcher pitch consecutive games?

Yes, a pitcher can pitch as many games as necessary, even if they are consecutive. Remember, starting pitchers aren't the only ones who pitch. Many times relievers and closers can play many games in a row, but starting pitchers still can pitch consecutive games if it is necessary. If there is any reason for the starting pitcher to play in a second consecutive game, he will more than likely pitch in relief for one or two innings.

How many games did Jackie Robinson win as a pitcher?

Robinson did not pitch in the major leagues.

How many games does a pitcher pitch in the playoffs?

There is no set answer to this question. STARTING PITCHERS: The least amount of games in the post-season a team can play is 3, if they are defeated in the Division Series in 3 games. If that's the case, each pitcher will probably only pitch once. The most games a team can play in the post-season is 19, if they happen to tie the Division Series 2-2, the Championship Series 3-3, and the World Series 3-3. If the series comes down to the line, it's possible that a pitcher might be used after three days of rest. If that would be the case, you might see a pitcher pitch five times in a single post-season playoff bracket, unless he is brought in for short relief. RELIEVERS: It is possible for a relief or closing pitcher to pitch in every playoff game.

What's the rule on how many games a starting pitcher can pitch in a season?

There's no rule; theoretically he could start all 162 games if his body would allow it. For the sake of their health and their ability to continue to pitch effectively, though, it's not wise to have them start more than 30-35 games.

How many games did Paul Mirabella pitch for the New York Yankees?

10 games in the 1979 season.

How many times has Barry Bonds been hit by pitch?

106 times during regular season games, once in post-season.

How many innings must a starting pitcher in the mlb all star game pitch?

There is no limit in regards to how many innings a Starting Pitcher must pitch in the Major League Baseball All Star game, a team can be winning and the Starting Pitcher could pitch only 2 innings but because All Star games have different rules, they can be given the Win.

How many games in a season?

There are 162 games in a season.

How many innings can a pitcher pitch?

As many as he can in a game before his couch takes him out

How many games are in a season of NBA?

82 games is the regular season

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