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just sell it on EBay or something or go to a sports collectibles shop

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โˆ™ 2010-04-22 07:33:30
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Q: How do you sell your Michael Jordan wheaties box?
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How much is a Michael Jordan Wheaties box worth?

Michael Jordan rare vintage mint Wheaties cereal box $49.95 +$20.00 shipping

Who is the athelete that has been on the Wheaties box the most?


What athlete has appeared most often on a Wheaties box?

Michael Jordan

What is the value of an unopened Wheaties cereal box with Michael Jordan on it?

an unopened box would be $2,000

What is the value of lunch box Michael Jordan?

no value of michael jordan's lunch box upper deck

Who was the first African American to appear on the Wheaties box?

who was the first african american on wheaties box

Who was the first team on the box of wheaties?

The Chicago Beasrs were the first team to be featured on the wheaties cereal box.

Who was the first athlete on a Wheaties' box?

Lou Gehrig was the first athlete to appear on a Wheaties box in 1934.

Who was the first woman on the front of the Wheaties box?

The first woman depicted on a Wheaties box was aviator Elinor Smith in 1934. The first woman athlete depicted on a Wheaties box was Mary Lou Retton in 1984.

Who was the first athlete on a Wheaties Box and what year was it?

The first athlete on a wheaties box was former Yankee, Lou Gehrig in 1934.

What is the value of a cal ripken Jr Wheaties box with no logo?

The Wheaties Cal Ripkin Consecutive Games Commemorative Edition Box featuring no Orioles logo or number has a book value of $25.00 in near/mint condition. The overall condition of the box is more important than if it contains cereal or not. Flattened boxes will sell for less. The Wheaties box with the logos has a book value of a bout $12.

First female athlete on wheaties box?

The first female athlete on a box of Wheaties cereal was Babe Didrikson Zaharias. She appeared on the box in 1935.

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