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Q: Company Michael Jordan paid 20million to endorse?
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What company was Michael Jordan paid an estimated 20 million to endorse?

Jordan Sneakers/ Air Jordan

Did Michael Jordan make Nike?

No, jorden just endorse the brand nike. Nike is a german company.

Who is the designer of air Jordans?

Michael Jordan air Jordan shoes was released by Nike company,and named after Michael Jordan.

When did Michael Jordan start his company?

michael jordan started his buisness in 1985 jordan shoes is the greatest shoe ever

How long did Michael Jordan run his Jordan shoe company?

5 years

How much is a Michael Jordan jersey worth?

A Michael Jordan signed jersey is worth about $1500 if it is authenticated by a top company.

When did Jordan leave Nike?

Air Jordan is a brand of shoes and apparel owned and produced by Michael Jordan for the Nike company. Michael Jordan has no plans on leaving Nike as of reported on March 26, 2014.

What is the name of the brand of Derek Jeters right wristband?

Michael Jordan's company "Jordan". Jeter is sponsored by them

How much does Michael Jordan's company make a year?

5 dollars

Which company manufactures Air Jordan shoes?

Air Jordan shoes are manufactured by the Nike company. They are designed jointly by Nike and Michael Jordan and were originally released for public sale in 1985.

Why is Michael Jordan not in recent video games?

Michael Jordan is not in recent video games because Michael Jordan wants the video game company to pay him more money that they don't want to pay. This is the same with Charles Barkley.

Is Michael Jordan still signed with nike?

No he has his own shoe company now.

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