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Hard work and mental confidant's determination to be the best at what he loved to do. He never gave up on his dreams.

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Q: Are Michael Jordan and scottie pippen friends?
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What is Michael Jordan's playoff record without Scottie Pippen?

All of Michael Jordan's six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls were the same years (1991-1993, 1996-1998) that Pippen was on the team, and the converse is that the Bulls, with Pippen but not Jordan, also did not win any titles. However, in Jordan's absence, Pippen took the Bulls to the 1994 Eastern Conference Semifinals, narrowly losing to the Knicks in 7 games.

Is Michael Jordan selfish?

yes because all he thought himself and no- one else. He also kept saying he made Scottie Pippen but Jordan has 1-9 record in the playoffs Pippen has a 6-7 playoff record. Also Jordan only championships when people like Pippen and Dennis rodman were around him.Lastly when Jordan wasked about Jordan, Bosh and Wade he talked about him not wanting to play with Larry bird and Magic because he wanted to beat them and get acclaim

Why did Michael Jordan quit NBA?

Michael Jordan once retired in 1993 because of citing a loss of desire to play the game and he later stated the murder of his Father Michael Jordan Sr. earlier in the year shaped his decision. But in 1995 Michael Jordan went back in the league. In 1999 with Phil Jackson's contract expiring, and the pending departure of Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman looming, and being in the latter stages of an owner- induced of lockout player, Jordan retired for the second time. In 2000 Jordan went back in the NBA not as a player but as the part owner and Presidentials of Basketball Operations of the Washington Wizards. In 2001 Michael Jordan announced for his professional play with the Wizards. And in 2003 Jordan announce his third retirement and that was his last retirement.

What makes Michael Jordan a good leader?

People believe Michael was a great leader because he was the best player on a team that won six championships. However, in the book The Jordan Rules by Sam Smith, it is revealed that Michael berated his teammates constantly and in one series missed shots intentionally so that his team would lose in Game 7. He argued with other players and the management and hated compromise. No doubt Michael was a great player, probably the best to ever play, but his multiple championships are also a result of great leadership from a great couch and an All-Time great player by his side in Pippen.

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