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Seeing information as pictures

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2010-05-05 16:01:16
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Q: What kind of thinking do visual learners do best?
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Do you learn more by reading or listening?

It depends on what kind of leaner you are. Some people are naturally auditory learners, and some people are visual learners. The key is to find out which was is best for you. I'll set you on the right track. Question: Do you have trouble remembering spoken instructions or commands? If you do then you are most likely a visual learner. You may also be a hands on learner, which is commonly mistaken as having a learning disability, but it is false, hands on learners just have difficultly in the school atmosphere of purely spoken and written lessons. You may find that you are an excellent hands on leaner. You could make a great mechanic, plumber, electrician. The key here is to find out what your strongest learning style is. Take some online tests and really pay attention to how you learn best.

What kind of visual aid is the best way to show complex structures and processes?

The question refers to "these" visual aids. In such circumstances would it be too much to expect that you make sure that there is something that "these" can refer to?

Is visual art and abstract art the same?

Abstract art is a kind of visual art.

How old do you have to be to get a learners permit in Arkansas?

What kind of permit? Driving? Hunting? Work?

What is the name of some programming software for C++?

Intel has some of the best software for the visual studio. It is great for any kind of programming and can work well with any kind of application you are running.

What kind of learners reveal their preference by making lists and turning them into priorities then schedules?

Time oriented

What kind of communication is frowning?

Visual communication. Body language.

What is the best way to show love long-distance?

The best way is to be happy to people. Answer You can send love notes or any kind of messages to show them that you care and are thinking about him or her.

What is the definition of visual humor?

Visual humor is the kind of humor that you have to see, to understand. It cannot be successfully conveyed by a verbal description.

What kind of problems do the working adult learners faced?

- financial problems -time management -family problems

What is a unique kind of purposeful thinking in which the thinker imposes criteria and intellectual standards upon the thinking?

Critical Thinking

What is visual boy emulator?

It's kind of like a gameboy but on the computer.

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