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How can i find out if husband is abigamist if he's been married three times..

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2009-05-26 18:32:35
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Q: How do you find out if someone is a Bigamist?
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Why cant a bachelor also be a bigamist?

Because a bachelor is a man who has never been married. A bigamist is someone who at the same time is married more than once.

Is Mitt Romney a bigamist Or is he a Scientologist?


What is a non-bigamist?

A non-bigamist is a monogamist, meaning, someone who practices monogamy (one spouse at a time).Words that are the opposite of bigamist include:monogamy, meaning, having only one spouse at a timemonogamous, meaning, having one matemonogamousness, meaning, having only one spouse at a time

When was A Bashful Bigamist created?

A Bashful Bigamist was created in 1921.

Can someone give a single word used for the phrase 'a man with two wives'?

The term is 'bigamist'.

What is someone called when they marry more than one person illegaly?

That is a bigamist. Also called stupid.

Are you a bigamist if one wife dies?

If your wife dies and then you remarry, that does not make you a bigamist. If you are married to two women at the same time, you are a bigamist. If one of them dies, it doesn't somehow magically rewrite history to make you not a bigamist.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Bigamist - 1921?

The Bigamist - 1921 is rated/received certificates of: UK:A

What is the sentence for a bigamist?

A bigamist is a man with two wives; some say he should be called a pigamist.

If you are married in Ohio can you marry someone else in another state without obtaining a divorce from the person in Ohio?

No, not unless you want to be a bigamist.

What is a person who has 2 husbands or wives called beginning with b and ending in ist?

Bigamist IKR WHATT

What do you call someone who has 2 wives or husbands?

Someone who gets married while legally married to a different person has committed bigamy and is a bigamist. The terminology polygamy includes bigamy.

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