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Q: What is cars drive on water cheat gta vcs for ps2?
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What is the cheat drive on water for gta vice city?

the cheat for floating on water is seaways ,if you type it the cars and helicopters will float.

What is the cars drive on water cheat gta vice city psp?

by typing seaways

What is gta vice city stories cars drive on water cheat ps2?


How do you get to the 2nd island on gta Liberty City?

do the cars drive on water cheat and drive to the second island while driving on the water

What is the cheat code of cars float on water of GTA 3 for PC?

The cheat code to get cars to float on water in GTA 3 for the PC is seaways.

What is the cheat for cars drive on water gta 3 PC?

There is no cheat code to have cars float on water in the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 3. The only way to get the feature in the game is by modifying the game's files.

What is the car drive on water cheat for grand theft auto 3?

To my knowledge, there is not a cheat that allows you to drive on water in GTA 3.

What is the cheat code of swimming in gta vice city?

There is no cheat for swimming.You can run cars on water by seaways cheat.

What is the cheat for cars can drive under water in Grand Theft Auto sa ps2?

There is a cheat that makes all cars able to drive on water (Motorbikes and bikes don't work! only cars work with this cheat) Right,R2,circle,R1,L2,square,R1,R2. (P.S. This cheat will only work in GTA SA ps2.)

How do you get floating on water cars in gta vice city stories?


Gta vice city stories cars float on water cheat?


Drive on water cheat for gta vice city psp?

it is seaways

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