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central nervous system

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Q: Dan was running and he tripped and hurt his knee. The pain signals were carried to his brain by the?
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Are signals carried from the brain electric?


The signals generated by the rods and cones are carried to your brain by the?

The Optic Nerve

How does a message from the nerve cells in the eyes reach the brain?

Signals from the eyes are carried to the brain by the optic nerve

How does alcohol interrupt pain signals?

Pain signals are carried to the brain from the spinal cord through nerves. Alcohol slows down the brain and central nervous system, allowing a pain relief.

Where does reaction time come from in the body?

Reaction time in the body comes from the brain and the nerves. The brain sends signals to the body which are carried by the nerves.

What is the purpose of the human brain?

The brain integrates the signals carried to it by the dfferent nerves, processes it, and dispatches necessary responses via the dfferent nerves.

How are electrical signals carried through the body?

Electrical signals are carried through synapses in the body, from one neuron to another. They are carried in chemical-electrical signal called a neurotransmitter.

What interprets signals?

the brain

What is the name of the nerve that carries signals from the cochlea and vestibule to the brain?

The nerve that carries the signals to the brain is the ossicles

What happens when light reaches the eye?

when your receives the light, they send signals to your brain then your brain interprets the signals as colors

What carries electrical signals from the retina in the eye to the brain?

the optic nerve carries eletrical signals from the ritna in the brain.

The optic nerve sends signals to the brain from where?

sends signals to the eye

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