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an injury or age

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What is declarative memory

About how many different pieces of information can a person hold in working memory at one time

What is the capacity of the long-term memory system

What term is used to describe the process the mind goes through to change data input from the senses to a form the brain can use

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Q: What can affect the shape of a neuron?
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Are neuron cells round in shape?


What is a neurofibril?

A neurofibril is a fibril found in the cytoplasm of a neuron and is only visible by light microscopy. Its function is to give support and shape the nerve cell.

How does mass affect the shape of an object?

how does mass affect the shape of an object?

How does caffeine affect neurons?

draw a diagram showing how morphine affects a neuron

What medical conditions affect the muscular system?

Motor neuron disease, MS

How would a chemical that prevents the opening of voltage-regulated Na channels affect the function of a neuron?

neuron will only be capable of producing graded potentials

Does the size or shape of a mineral affect its density?

Yes, the size or shape of the particle can affect the density.

How does the shape of water affect its behavior?

water doesnt have a shape

What is one thing the shape of a molecule can affect?

A diamond. Also the shape of a molecule can only affect physical properties.

Does the shape of a boat affect the weight it can carry?

Yes I think the shape of a boat will affect a foil boat because when you change the shape of a boat like when you make a triangle or a square it will affect the weight it can carry

Alcohol inhibits transmission of nerve signals by?

changing the neuron membrane structure, which changes the shape of receptor proteins

How does a neuron's shape allow it to send signals across long distance?

The neuron has a long, thin tube called the axon which sends an electric nerve impulse very quickly, akin to an electrical cord.

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