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That depends. Which pageant?

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Q: Why do you think you can win this pageant?
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Why do you think you should win the pageant?

Many believe they should win a pageant do to the amount of work and they put into their performance. If r a contestant is asked this they should answer honestly and include how they will represent the title.

Did Oprah Winfrey win a pageant?


What is a best question in a beauty pageant?

What do you hope to gain by entering this pageant, whether or not you win the crown?

How much money can you win in a beauty pageant?


Does Olive win the pageant in Little Miss Sunshine?

No, Olive does not win the pageant. She is disqualified and removed from the stage during the talent competition, before the crowning takes place.

What will you do to the price if you win this pageant?

it would be a crown a cash price.

What do you feel when you won a beauty pageant?

When you win a beauty pageant, you would feel elated, ecstatic, proud, excited, and self-fulfillment.

What if you lose this pageant?

Joining a pageant is like playing a game, it's either you will win or lose. But as for me, I will accept the judgment whatever it is with all my heart because I believe, if I did my best, and I deserve to win, i will win.. if not, then I won't. I must accept the truth.

What pageant did Anita Bryant win?

She won the Miss Oklahoma beauty pageant in 1958. She then went on to the Miss America beauty pageant where she was second runner up. She was only 19 at the time.

What happens when you win the miss US pageant?

you are entered into a competition of miss America then if you win that then miss world

Why win a beauty pageant?

It builds self confidence. To me it makes me fill that it's not just my opinion other people (the judges) actually thinks i'm beautiful. I feel that way when I win something at a pageant.

What dress will win the pageant?

Trust me, if you wear next to nothing, or even nothing, the guys will like it and you will win for sure.

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