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It was written by Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

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Q: Who wrote the Broadway musical Book of Mormon?
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Who wrote the Broadway musical Cabaret?

According to, Cabaret is a musical with a book by Joe Masteroff, lyrics by Fred Ebb, and music by John Kander.The dances are also choroegraphed by Bob Fosse.

Who wrote the libretto for Phantom of the Opera?

Gaston Leroux wrote the original book. The musical has music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics (libretto) by Charles Hart with additional lyrics by Richard Stilgoe.

Who wrote the music of Into the Woods?

Into the Woods is a 1986 musical that debuted at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego. The music and lyrics are written by Stephen Sondheim. The musical is based off a book by James Lapine.

What is the full Orlando monologue in book of Mormon?

Do you mean The Book of Mormon the Musical? Because there is no Orlando in the actual Book of Mormon book itself. If you are I did find this:the universe doesn't work the way we were told! ... When I was nine years old, my family took a trip. To Orlando, Florida. And it was the most... wonderful, most magical place I'd ever seen. And I decided right then and there, "This... is where I want to spend eternity." My parents said that if I made God proud and I did everything the Church asked, in the latter days, I could have whatever I wanted. So I worked. And I worked. And even when I studied Mormon stories and I thought, "That doesn't really make sense," I kept working! Becaue I was told that one day I would get my reward! PLANET ORLANDO! But what do I have now?

Is the Broadway musical 'Cats' appropriate for children?

No, it is it not. All the choreography and such is based on Hot Gossip which Andrew Lloyd Webber was a fan of. Apparently, when Webber went to see T.S.Eliot's widow about getting the rights to make Old Possom's Book of Practical Cats into a musical, she told him Tom (T.S.Eliot) turned down Disney because he didn't want them to be turned into 'pussycats' or cartoon cats.

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When was The Book of Mormon - musical - created?

The Book of Mormon - musical - was created in 2011.

Is the Nook of Mormans on Broadway a musical or play?

The "Book of Mormon Musical" is a Broadway musical. Because of it's success it is also touring the US and other major world cities. The "Book of Mormon" is a sacred book of scripture used by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and other denominations in the Mormonism movement.

How long is Broadway show book of Mormons?

The Book of Mormon is religious musical satire that opened on Broadway in March of 2011 and is still running. The musical has 2 acts and lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Who wrote the Broadway musical Oklahoma?

Richard Rogers wrote the music and Oscar Hammerstein II wrote all of the lyrics and the book(script)

Who wrote the book for the musical 'Wicked'?

Winnie Holzman wrote the book based on the musical. Gregory Maguire wrote the book that inspired the musical.

What is the website for the theater production of Book of Mormon?

The official web page for the Broadway production of the Book of Mormon is

What is the musical Turn It Off based on?

The Book Of Mormon, Turn It Off, is a song from a Broadway musical by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. It is about turning off bad feelings and moving on with life.

How inappropriate is The Book Of Mormon musical?


What was life like on the Mormon?

What do you mean, on the Mormon? Mormon was a prophet who wrote in and compiled the Book of Mormon.

What is the Book of Mormon musical?

The Book of Mormon, by the creators of South Park, is a musical comedy about two young Mormon missionaries who travel to Africa to preach the Mormon religion. First staged in 2011, the play satirizes various Mormon beliefs and practices.

Who discovered the musical Wicked?

Nobody "Discovered" it. Stephen Schwartz and Winnie Holzman wrote it, and Gregory Maguire wrote the book. It previewed in San Francisco, and moved up to Broadway.

What is the closing line in book of Mormon musical?

It is called a Prayer.

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