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King Hamlet or The Ghost.

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Q: What is Hamlet's father called in 'Hamlet'?
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What is Hamlets father called?

Hamlet senior

The ghost of hamlets father asks hamlet to what?

Avenge his death

How did Claudius murder Hamlets father?

By pouring poison into Hamlet father's ear .

What is Hamlets father's name?

His father's name was also hamlet, referred to as king hamlet However, his step-father, who has married the widowed Queen Gertrude, before the play begins, is called Claudius.

Who was named king after Hamlets father died?

Hamlet's uncle Claudius.

Who killed Hamlets father?

when hamlet saw his father's ghost, the ghost said that hamlet's uncle (which he was king during that time) put poison in hamlet's father's ear while he was sleeping so he could become king. so it was hamlet's uncle

What is Hamlets approach to his problems in the play Hamlet?

death odf his father death odf his father

What does the ghost of Hamlets father ask of Hamlet?

Revenge my most unnatural murder.

Why are the guards in Hamlet so scared?

The guards in Hamlet are scared because they seen the ghost of Hamlets father who was murdered.

Who was Hamlets dad?

Hamlet's father was also named Hamlet. Throughout the play they may refer to them as "Old Hamlet" and "Young Hamlet," or, in the father's case "Denmark" as a reference to his royalty and the country he ruled.

Who murdered Hamlets father?

According to the ghost Hamlet's father (Hamlet senior) was murdered by his brother Claudius. Claudius also married Hamlet (senior)'s widow Gertrude.

What were villages called in the Vietnam war?

Hamlets, Vills, and Villages.

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