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peter and the musicians exchange insults and pums

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Q: Examples of Comic relief in Romeo and Juliet Act IV?
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Do you have any examples of iambic pentameter for comic relief?

I do not know any examples of comic relief, but the famous Romeo and Juliet line that follows is in iambic pentameter: Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo? The underlined syllables are stressed.

Is there comic relief in Romeo and Juliet?


The nurse comic relief in Romeo and Juliet?


What purpose do nurses ramblings about Juliet serve in romeo and Juliet?

comic relief

What best describes the nurse in romeo and Juliet?

Comic relief.

What are features of Nanny in Romeo and Juliet?

The main role of the nanny in Romeo and Juliet is to provide comic relief. In Shakespeare's tragedy, he always includes one comic relief character to lighten the mood.

Which two characters are the comic relief in romeo and Juliet?

Mercutio and Peter.

What is Comic relief in Shakespeare's romeo and Juliet?

When the musicians talk in the ending of the scene.

List three examples of scenes from act 1 romeo and Juliet that show comic elements?

list three examples of scenes from act 1 romeo and juliet that show comic elements?

Example of comic relief in Romeo and Juliet act 1?

When the nurse is outside juliets room and she is rocking back in forth when Romeo and Juliet are making out

What is the comic relief in Romeo and Juliet?

Mercutio, no doubt. He jests and puns every chance he gets. He and Romeo's relationship, despite they being complete opposites, provide the comic relief for the play. That's why Romeo and Juliet turned into a Complete tragedy after Mercutio's death... The nurse plays as comic relief to though not sure how though my English teacher told me that...

What is a literary example of comic relief?

in ROmeo and Juliet by Shakespeare, although it is a tragedy, mercutio and the servants at the beginning provide comic relief since they make you laugh.

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