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Samsung is a leading manufacturer of cell phones and other popular electronic devices. Samsung cell phones feature unique styling and a sleek design. Prices for popular Samsung cell phone models vary among sellers and the capabilities of select devices. Samsung cell phone models are utilized on most of the major cellular networks.

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Q: Popular Samsung Cell Phone Models
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What are the best models of Samsung cell phones?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Where can I buy samsung cell phone?

Yes, you can buy a Samsung phone at Target. They offer several different models and several different accesories to go along with the phone.

Do Samsung mobile models come with touchscreen?

Samsung does make models that have touchscreens. You can find them at or

What are some cell phone models that are compatible with GSM?

There are a number of different cell phone models that are compatible with GSM or Global System for Mobile Communications. Some of those cell phones include Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy models.

What are some models of cell phones that Verizon offers with their phone contracts?

Verizon offer a wide range of cell phones with their phone contracts. One can get models including the Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the LG Optimus.

Does At&t sell samsung cell phones?

Yes, AT&T does sell samsung cell phone in a variety of colors and models. Here is a link to one of them that is for sale on

what cell phone companies carry samsung?

Samsung continues to be a very popular cell phone manufacturer. Several carriers offer Samsung choices, T Mobile, AT&T, and US Cellular seem to be the most popular carriers for the Samsung brand, but other companies like Tracphone offer a choice of Samsung phones as well.

Who invented the Samsung E250 cell phone?

Samsung is the inventor of the Samsung E250 cell phone. The Samsung E250 phone was introduced in the UK in 2007.

What is a good make of ATandT cell phone?

There are several good makes of AT&T cell phones. Some popular and well made AT&T cell phones are, the Samsung Galaxy Note, the Samsung Android, and the Go Phone.

Are the Samsung brand of cell phones reliable?

Samsung phones have great durability and reliability. Many features come included in many of the models through Samsung. They are a popular phone brand and keep up with the high technology trend that keeps getting higher every day.

What are the latest Samsung cell phone models?

Samsung actually offers a wide range of new cell phone models. They may vary based on service provider. Some of these include the Galaxy S II, the Samsung Focus Flash Windows Smartphone, and the Galaxy Nexus Android Smartphone.

What is the Samsung strive?

Its a cell phone, from Samsung.