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Of course, the iPhone 3G and/or the original iPhone will take any normal sim card; the 3G iPhone will take the 3G sim as well.

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2009-07-12 01:31:57
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Q: Will an iPhone work with normal SIM card?
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Does an iPhone use a sim card?

An iPhone uses a micro sim card, they are smaller, about half the size of a normal sim card.

Does the new iphone 4 use a different sim card?

Yes , it uses a card called a micro sim . Its a quarter the size of the normal sim cards , allthough you can modify the normal sim cards to work in the iphone 4 !

Will a plateau SIM card work on an iphone?

yes a plateau sim card will work on the iphone all you have to do is go to plateau and have them unlock it.

If you switch your SIM card with a iPhone will it work?

yes it will. but know that if you remove a sim card from an iPhone, from that point on the sim card will be more prone to fall out.

I want to get an iPhone 4 but I'm not sure about the sim card Does it come with a micro sim or normal sim or do i need to buy a sim at the place i got the iPhone 4 at?

The iphone 4 comes with a micro sim. Your normal sim will not work with it. My AT&T dealer says he can transfer data directly from your sim/old phone to your new iphone 4.

Does the iPhone 4 sim card work in the iPhone 4S?

Yes, it does. Both iPhones use the micro SIM card.

Can sim cards be transferred to an iPhone 3GS from a non-iPhone?

Yes, iPhones use a normal sim card.

Will the iPhone 4S work on reliance CDMA sim card?

No, You cannot use reliance CDMA sim card (or) any other CDMA card sim card on Apple iphone 4s. Any GSM Sim card will work on factory unlocked Apple iphone 4s but not CDMA sim ONLY IN INDIA.

Will a regular phones sim card work in an Iphone?


Will Verizon sim card work on Apple iPhone?

no it will not

Will iphone work with SIM card?

yes but u have to buy a micro sim

Can you but SIM card in the iPhone?

iPhone needs a SIM card from AT&T

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