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yes, it will still work

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โˆ™ 2009-09-16 17:12:23
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Q: Will an iPhone work in WiFi network without a SIM card in it?
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Can you access internet on iPhone without sim card?

You can use the WiFi.

Can you put your sim card in an iPhone without an iPhone plan?

yes but you wont have service just only wifi and if you want you can have any Sim card for any company that offers a Sim card

Can you use WiFi on iphone with no SIM card?

yes you can

The WiFi on my iPhone does not work at all how can i get it to work?

well actually this happen to my iphone , and the apple company told me that my wifi card had died out and no longer could be used

Does the iPhone have a SIM card when you purchase it?

Apple don't provide a sim card the networks do. If the iPhone was bought from a network shop they'd have likely to have locked it to that network and give a sim for that network.

Does an iPhone 3GS sim card work on iPhone 3G?

the sim card just holds network information not phone information so yes you can transfer your sim card without any problems i had a sim card from about 3 years ago and i just bought a iphone 3gs and it works fine in it

Is there a tablet that can get to the internet without WiFi?

Any tablet that has a SIM card slot can use the internet without wifi.

Can you use internet on a phone without a data plan?

Only if that phone has WiFi (a wireless card inside it), and you are in range of a network. Otherwise, you would not be able to.

Can you use an iPhone 4S without a 'SIM Card'?

Yes, you can. You just can't use it to call or SMS. Other than that, you can use normally when your phone is connected to wifi.

How do you get WiFi without wireless internet?

Your computer will have to have a built in wireless card. You can then go to a WiFi hotspot.

Does an IPad require a SIM card to operate?

No. There's an iPad WiFi and an iPad WiFi + Cellular. The iPad WiFi will only be able to access the internet when you're within range of a WiFi network. The iPad WiFi + Cellular is able to access the internet within range of WiFi and on a 3G network. To access the 3G network you will however have to use an active simcard.

How do you get a member card without ar and wifi?

Go to an event.

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