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Because she is afraid that she has made a fool of her self.

Probably because she likes him and probably wants him to ask her out.

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Q: Why would a fairly talkative girl get nervous and quiet around a guy?
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This talkative girl really goes quiet when she is around me why?

If a talkative girl goes quiet around you, it might mean that she has a crush on you. Or it might mean that she doesn't want to talk to you.

What is loquaciousness?

Someone who talks a lot and doesn't know how to be quiet .

What are the synonyms and antonyms of talkative?

Talkative may have the synonyms loquacious, garrulous, chatty, or glib. The antonyms could be quiet, silent, reserved, or laconic.

What is the opposite of the word quiet 9 letters including l and v?


What does it mean if a very talkative guy swears and can talk about any random things and personal things to anyone including strangers but a girl he knows of and is quiet around her?

he is probably uncomfortable around you.

Are goths supposed to be loud or quiet?

They are usually quiet. they are only talkative to their friends (most likely to also be goth). Emos are also quiet. they actually tend to me more quiet than goths.

Why is a shy girl talkative around you but quiet when talking directly to you?

she probably likes u and to shy to talk to u girls may act tough but they really are senstive inside

Did Anne Frank ever get out of her quiet and conservative attitude?

Anne Frank was never quiet and conservative to begin with. She was lively, talkative, energetic and above all, brave.

Why would an outgoing talkative guy be quiet around a girl he's kind of friends with but respond fast and nice whenever she say something online and in person and get excited when he sees her?

you like her.

How do you know if a girl is shy?

You know if a girl is shy when they don't seem extremely talkative and they keep things to themselves when around people. They don't show off to others and are quiet and reserved.

Why are short men so quiet?

Pardon me, but what sort of questions is that?! Anybody can be quiet or talkative regardless of their heights. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There confidence could be lowered because they are shorter that everyone else.

How many words do you speak in a year?

well it all depends on the person. like you can have a quiet person or a talkative person