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Q: Why when women wear leather it's hot when men do it's gay?
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What did blacksmiths wear in the middle ages?

Blacksmiths would wear simple clothes under thick leather aprons. The leather was protection against sparks and hot parts.

What fabric Is not suitable to wear in warm hot weather?

the least sensible fabric to wear would be wool and leather

Should men wear leather pants?

Yes, as long as you look good in them they are HOT.

Why do women wear lipstick?

cuz they think its hot

How do Dominican Republic women dress?

Hot sexy wear

Why do women not wear underwear?

Depending on the weather, it can be hot and sweaty.

Can a man wear makeup?

Yah totally some women find it hot, and lets face it if you can do another women makeup they will love you. I mostly use lipstick and eye liner, As long as you dont look gay or girly your fine all the gay boys out there, well no yah even more so. ^^

What clothing was made?

men made deerskin shirts and legging when cold when hot there wear breechcloths women wear bark made skirts and shirts when cold when hot they wear skin wraps.

How does a lad get turned on?

A lad can turned on by hot women or if a you are gay you will be turned on by hot guys. dont be ashamed it happens to all boys/guys

What is a leather chap?

Leather chaps can give you with a lot more safety from road rash than a pair of jeans can. Since leather chaps are wear over your pants, they make more sense then just wearing leather pants since leather pants can be hot and you can easily take the chaps off if you decide to stop for dinner while out riding.

Were can you get leather jeans like Andy sixx?

You can get leather pants from Hot Topic

How tight should gay denim fit?

Tight enough to look hot, loose enough to wear for 4 hours of dancing.

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