Why is sonic better than shadow?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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sonic is better than shadow because sonic was cooler before then

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Q: Why is sonic better than shadow?
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Is shadow better than sonic or sonic better than shadow?


Who have more style sonic or shadow?

Shadow is more stylish than Sonic...Shadow has also a better power than Sonic that Chaos powers which includes Chaos Control, Chaos blast and Chaos Spear. Moreover, Shadow can control the power of a Dragon!!But in other all cases Sonic is better.

Is sonic stronger thean shadow?

They both are equal but i think that Sonic is better because he has more forms than Shadow.

What is better sonic or shadow?

Shadow is suppose to be stronger and faster But I like Sonic better.

You Shadow more popular than Sonic?

oh come on shadow is not popular sonic is sonic is faster and stronger than shadow sonic is the main character shadow ruins sonic shadow had his own game AND IT SUCKED! sonic faster than shadow stronger than him in every way

Why is sonic stronger then shadow?

Sonic is stronger than Shadow because he is faster and tougher than him and Sonic has more forms and abillities than Shadow so that's why Sonic is stronger than Shadow.

Which is better sonic or shadow?

sonic. i'll give you my reasons. 1. he's faster. 2. he has a better voice than shadow. 3. he dosen't act stupid. those are my reasons. Shadow can use guns and run as fast as sonic (If he wanted to).

Who is stonger sonic shadow or sliver?

sonic is more stronger then shadow in 2012 shadow use to be better then sonic but in 2011 and 2012 sonic is stronger

Is sonic stroger than shadow?

no sonic is not stronger then shadow . shadow is stronger then sonic . in the shadow the hegehog trailer shadow killed sonic

Is Shadow Faster Than Sonic?

Sonic is faster than shadow because shadow basically cheats. He doesn't run, he skates and has rocket shoes. Sonic just runs, with no tricks.

Who is is better sonic or shadow the hedgehog?

Shadow by loads! I love Shadow! He's like legendary! Logically Sonic is better, because without Sonic (and Robotnik) none of the other Sonic characters would exist.

Who is a better racer sonic or shadow?

Definetly Sonic! Have u not sen the games, Trailers...ECT What are you talking about shadow is better