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Yes, all types of smoking has been clinically proven to have harmful side-effects to your health.

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Q: Why is smoking bad for health?
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Weed smoking is bad for health?

Weed is actually healthy for you, google the benefits

What does smoking increase the risk of?

smoking increases the risk of cancer, you will get addicted . you will get different problems . smoking is bad for your health . HEALTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As an adult how is cigarette smoking bad for your health?

Smoking is bad for all ages the same way.

Is roller skating bad for your health?

No, smoking is.

Is Eating eggs and smoking is good for health?

Eating eggs is quite good for your health, however, it is best not to live on them. Smoking IS bad for you health and it is best to quit. Eating eggs will not make smoking any less bad for you. Try to quit smoking. :)

How do you fix your car if it is smoking?

You should explain to the car that smoking is bad for its health.

Does Smoking Decrease Health?

Smoking is bad for your health and may kill you earlier than you would live to if you did not smoke.

Smoking vs drinking?

Smoking is always bad for health but only drinking abusively is bad for health. Drinking in moderation promotes better health and greater longevity than not drinking.

How does smoking related to medical health?

You can get many different diseases from smoking. For example, lung cancer.

Is smoking tea is good for health?

Smoking tea is bad for your health and it effects your lungs in my opinion you should stop emidently.

What is three ways you can get from smoking?

First, convince yourself that smoking is bad for your health. Second, resolve to stop smoking. Third, stop smoking.

Why is smoking bad for your health?

Tobacco smoking cigarettes are bad for health because it contain tar and toxins which are harmful for our lungs.