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Dickens based the name on the the songs of Christmas "A Christmas Carol" and this is why he writes in staves and not chapters

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Q: Why is it named A Christmas Carol?
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What is a man named Tommy in A Christmas Carol?

The answer is Thomas.

How was Walter described as in a Christmas carol?

I can't find a character named Walter in A Christmas Carol. However, a Walter appears in Dombey and Son.

Who wrote the song Christmas Carol about a girl named Christmas Carol who is an orphan and adopted by a man dressed as Santa Claus?

junie b Jones

Who was scrooges nephew in a Christmas carol?

She was never actually named in the book

What are the three ghosts in A Christmas Carol named?

The Ghost of Christmas Past, The Ghost of Christmas Present, The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come

What were the three ghosts in chriatmas carol called?

The Christmas Carol was written by Charles Dickens. The three ghosts were named Ghost of Christmas Past, Ghost of Christmas Present, and Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

What is Scrooge's clerk named in 'A Christmas Carol'?

Bob Crachit is the name of his clerk.

In A Christmas Carol what do you know about Buddy?

In the original work there is no person named Buddy

What was Fred's housekeeper's name in A Christmas Carol?

Fred's housekeeper was never named.

Who is the school master from the Christmas carol?

The school master is never actually named

Who was Scrooge's nephew's wife in A Christmas Carol?

She was never actually named in the book

What is the named of the little disalbed boy in 'a Christmas carol'?

He was Timothy Cratchit (Tiny Tim)